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Awaken Your Purpose:
A 90-Day Life Reset for Embracing Your True Potential!

In a world filled with doubt and uncertainty, it's easy to lose sight of our true potential. The path to happiness may seem elusive, and we may find ourselves longing for fulfillment and purpose.

If you've already taken the quiz, congratulations on discovering your unique Soul Resonance Key! If you haven't, click on the link below to take it now! After you've got your Soul Resonance Key, let's take this journey a step further and explore how you can embrace your true potential and achieve lasting happiness.

Life can be overwhelming while we try to juggle many responsibilities all at once. Balancing our career aspirations, family duties, and personal dreams can feel like walking on a tightrope without a safety net.

Sometimes it feels like we're constantly running on empty, never finding enough time for ourselves or taking care of our well-being. It's as if we've become so good at multitasking that we forget to pause and breathe. We push ourselves to the limit, trying to be the best partners, parents, friends, and professionals all at once, but we often forget to be kind to ourselves.

Through it all, there's that nagging voice of self-doubt, questioning if we're doing enough or if we're even good enough. We fear change, afraid to step outside our comfort zones to embrace personal growth. We compare ourselves to others, wondering why we aren't achieving as much or as fast as they seem to be.

And in our quest for self-growth, we also encounter the pitfalls of perfectionism. We strive for excellence, but sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves becomes too much to bear. Setbacks and failures make us question if we're on the right path, and at times, we feel like we're standing still while the world around us keeps moving.

These struggles are not unique to you or me; they are shared by so many of us. It's okay to feel overwhelmed, to question, and to doubt ourselves. It's okay to take small steps toward personal growth, one day at a time. We don't have to do it all alone.

We need to remember that self-growth is not a race or a competition with others; it's a journey of self-discovery, healing, and embracing our authentic selves. We are strong and capable, but it's okay to ask for support, to lean on each other when we stumble.

In this journey of self-growth, we find strength in our vulnerabilities, wisdom in our struggles, and beauty in our resilience. So, my dear friend, let's hold each other's hands and walk this path together, knowing that we are not alone, and we have the power to grow, evolve, and thrive, one step at a time.

How does the 90-day program help women like you create a life they love waking up to every morning?

In the Awaken Your Purpose 90-day Life Reset Program you will gain...


Discovering effective strategies to balance responsibilities & enjoy a fulfilling life.


Building resilience & turning setbacks into opportunities for growth & learning.

Metaphysical Tools

Learn metaphysical techniques for stress relief & self-reflection, including energy-clearing rituals & divination practices like tarot/oracle card readings.


Gaining confidence & self-assurance, quieting self-doubt & embracing your capabilities.


Taking meaningful steps toward personal growth, celebrating every milestone along the way.

Positive Thinking

Embrace positive change, & witness your life transform as you thrive & evolve with each step.

What exactly will you get in the Awaken Your Purpose 90-day Life Reset?


12 weekly one on one coaching sessions


12 Soulful Exploration Activities


12 weeks of relevant goals leading up to your ultimate goal


A companion workbook that serves as a visual guide containing all session material


Personalized support from Coach Cayla


One free Tarot/Oracle card reading from Coach Cayla


Access to a free online community

What topics will we cover in the Awaken Your Purpose 90-day Life Reset?
  • Week 1: The Power of Positive Thinking

  • Week 2: Divination for Self-Reflection

  • Week 3: Releasing Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Week 4: Discovering Your Life Purpose

  • Week 5: Dealing with Life’s Overwhelming Rut

  • Week 6: Healing Inner Child Wounds for Self-Transformation

  • Week 7: Embracing Self-Expression and Creativity

  • Week 8: Cultivating Inner Wisdom and Trusting Your Path

  • Week 9: Stress Management with Metaphysical Techniques

  • Week 10: Building Emotional Resilience

  • Week 11: Building Authentic Connections and Support Systems

  • Week 12: (It's a surprise!)

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