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Mini Sessions

Finding good advice is a rarity.

Most people are so focused on their response that they’re not really listening to what you’re saying. Even though they may hear what you say, it’s hard to find people that truly hear you.


It’s like hitting the jackpot when someone has the ability to not only make you feel heard, but to also use the things they learn about you to help you make thoughtful and educated life choices.

Getting advice from a life coach is getting advice from someone who…

  • Has been trained in and has experience in active listening

  • Has proven results of helping people grow and achieve their goals

  • Understands the importance of confidentiality

  • Does not judge you under any circumstances

  • Truly has your best interests in mind with no ulterior motives

  • Can help you see things from all different perspectives

You will benefit from a mini session if...

  • You are the only person in your life that you can count on for solid advice

  • You are going through a tough situation and you aren’t sure how to handle it

  • You are too busy to cultivate friendships yet you also need the support of friendship

During your mini session...

  • You can vent about a situation that upset you.

  • You can ask my unbiased opinion about a situation that has you stumped.

  • I can help you decide how to talk to someone in a respectful way while still getting your point across.

  • I can give you validation where you are unable to validate yourself.

  • I can help you process and work through your thoughts and feelings if you are feeling overwhelmed.

  • I can coach you on a focused topic that you're struggling with, bringing in tools and info tailored to your needs.

We can talk about or focus on anything you want! These are your sessions! Pretty much anything goes.

After your purchase is complete you can book the session immediately, or at your earliest convenience.


Please book your session within 30 days of purchase. You can book it for any date in the future, not limited to 30 days.


If you have scheduled a booking without payment up front, an invoice will be sent to you. Your payment will be due 24 hours before your scheduled session, otherwise your session will be cancelled.


For any order or booking issues or inquiries, please email

For any accommodations, please email with your request.

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