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Coach Cayla smiling outside with her kids out of focus in the background

About Me.

I am a 31-year-old mother of 3 in a neurospicy household. I am an AuDHD OCD PDA'er with a level 3 autistic kiddo and an ADHD kiddo. My interests and hobbies are mental health, music, art, singing, video games, makeup, reading, writing, Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, and, of course, all things metaphysical! I gained my coaching certification in May 2021 and have been dedicating my time to helping people since! It is a joy and a pleasure to see people transform their lives. 

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My Story.

I began my spiritual journey in 2020. My life probably seemed perfect to everyone who was acquainted to me, but inside my spirit was slowly dying. I had a dependable corporate job making a lot of money for someone who had never finished college. I was married, and our story was such a good one to tell. I had accomplished all of this after being abused as a child, and as a young adult, becoming a teen mom, and also battling a drug addiction as a teenager. My family was finally proud of me. But I was miserable.


My marriage was rocky without any trust. My job made me cry every day, and I was constantly being mistreated by poor management and clients. Although I had money to spare, I could never seem to hold onto it and always felt like I lacked things and money. I hated myself, and I was always tired, always angry, and always complaining about something. It seemed like I was only one small remark away from completely becoming unhinged.


I was raised as a Baptist Christian- the judgmental denomination. I felt guilty for not living a Christian life. I constantly measured my worth to my accomplishments and how happy I made others. I made my entire life about working and about being a mom, because I was too exhausted and too overwhelmed to do anything else. It felt like life was kicking my butt, even though this is the life I had worked so hard to achieve.

I kept thinking there had to be more to life than this suffering. I had done everything everyone told me to do, and I was still unhappy. Then I had a mental breakdown. I cried for what felt like an entire week. I shut down. I felt empty and lost. I was having an identity crisis. I doubted that God was real because I had never seen proof of his existence. I had begged him to talk to me for all these years and I had been ignored. I had been asking for help and had received none. I had turned to the church so many times only to be met with more trauma and pain. If God didn't exist, and if I was not a Christian, who was I? I have never felt more dissociated from life than in this moment.

From that point on, I decided I had nothing left to lose, so I set out on a journey to discover for myself what I truly believed, not what others had told me to believe. This allowed me to realize that I had been living my life the way that others had told me to, and that was the exact reason I was not happy. They were giving me advice that was in alignment with their wants and dreams, not mine. I was not living in alignment with the life I was made for. It's no wonder things weren't working out for me. It's no wonder I was so angry and upset all the time.

I began consuming all of the information I could about metaphysics. I had always felt drawn to witchcraft, tarot, and rituals. I allowed myself the freedom to explore and the results I experienced were unbelievable- nothing short of magic. I was able to transform my negative mindset, I was able to learn to love and accept myself, I was able to gain valuable insight that I would not have otherwise discovered. 

With this new information I had found the confidence to quit my comfortable and secure corporate job to pursue coaching. The events that transpired after making this choice left me unrecognizable in the most positive way. I took my first solo trip to Dallas, Texas for a coaching conference, I left my toxic marriage, and I rediscovered who I was. I had found the freedom and empowerment that I had been missing. 

It is now my honor to use my experience and knowledge to help others along this same path. It deeply fulfills me to do this work. It is my purpose to be a healer and to bring light to those who are still suffering in the darkness. You can heal and you will find abundance. It is my job to hold that belief for you until you are able to fully believe it yourself. <3



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